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Welcome. The title of this blog is rooted in my love of both meditation and design. As my relationship to each has evolved, I have developed a greater understanding of the intersection that exists between them.  

At 29 years old, I held a high paying sales gig and had every material possession I thought would make me happy; instead, I was miserable and exhausted. A hard-working, ‘successful’ professional during the week, and weekends consumed with binge drinking and drug use. For most of the last three years of that journey, I only drank alcohol or consumed drugs 4-5 days a month although, the consequences included immobilizing swings of depression and anxiety for 3-days after, virtually half my life. From a place of spiritual, emotional and physical bankruptcy, I finally surrendered. 

I could not be more thankful for hitting a wall which forced me to choose between a life of regret or, the pursuit of my destiny and what I knew I was capable of. 

I have traversed the depths of my subconscious fears, past behavior, shame and guilt, family history, and the stories and messaging that were driving my desire to disconnect from the present moment. I have explored many subjects and approaches to healing and human development including: meditation, nutrition, psychology, twelve-step recovery, yoga, brain mapping, cognitive therapy, attachment theory, cranial-sacral therapy, sacred plant medicines, counseling and various other forms of personal development.

Today, I am a father and co-parent of beautiful boy-girl twins, who have taught me as much about myself as all my previous experience combined. I pursue entrepreneurial endeavors at the intersection of sustainability and design, including commercial real estate development and a natural bath and body brand, Paintbrush, who’s mission is to donate 10% of profits to help resuscitate native honey bees and other endangered pollinators.  

I am a student, committed to the spiritual practices of meditation, yoga, gratitude, prayer, writing, and self-care. My work is to continually recognize and let go of the fear-based thoughts originating from my limited, ego-mind and remember that I am the compassionate, fully self-expressed young boy, leaving the status quo to others, living unapologetically, pursuing my dreams, and being of service. 

My intention in creating this blog is simply to share my experience for those interested or on a similar path and to inspire deep conversations about personal and spiritual development, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, parenting, design and self-care.

With gratitude,

Gregory Christian Porter